Final CoverAndrews, Abigail and the students of the Mexican Migration Field Research Program. Forth. Banished Men: Erasure and Agency under Carceral Deportation. Oakland, California: University of California Press.

Andrews, Abigail L. 2018. Undocumented Politics: Place, Gender, and the Pathways of Mexican Migrants. Oakland, California: University of California Press.

  • ASA Sex and Gender Section Distinguished Book Award
  • ASA International Migration Section Thomas and Znaniecki Book Award, Honorable Mention
  • Pacific Sociological Association Distinguished Scholarship Award
  • SSSP C. Wright Mills Award Finalist

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.46.01 AMRay, Raka, Jennifer Carlson, and Abigail Andrews, Eds. 2017. The Social Life of GenderSage Press.

Selected Articles

López Ricoy, Ana, Abigail Andrews and Alejandra Medina. 2021. “Exit as Care: How Motherhood Mediates Women’s Exodus from Violence in Mexico and Central America.” Violence Against Women.

Andrews, Abigail and Fátima Khayar-Cámara. 2020. “Forced Out of Fatherhood: How Men Strive to Parent Post-Deportation.” Social Problems. (link to pre-prints)

Andrews, Abigail L. 2018. “Moralizing Regulation: The Political Effects of Policing ‘Good’ versus ‘Bad’ Immigrants.” Ethnic and Racial Studies.

  • A preliminary version of this paper won the following:
  • ASA Political Sociology Section Best Student Paper Honorable Mention, 2013
  • ASA International Migration Section Distinguished Student Scholar Honorable Mention, 2013
  • ASA Racial and Ethnic Minorities Section James E. Blackwell Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Honorable Mention, 2013
  • Society for the Study of Social Problems Law and Society Division Lindesmith Graduate Student Paper Award, 2013

Andrews, Abigail L. 2016. “Legacies of Inequity: How Hometown Political Participation and Land Distribution Shape Migrants’ Paths into Wage Labor.” World Development 87: 318-332.

Andrews, Abigail L. 2014. “Women’s Political Engagement in a Mexican Sending Community: Migration as Crisis and the Struggle to Sustain an Alternative.” Gender & Society 28.4: 583-608.

  • ASA Sex and Gender Section Sally Hacker Graduate Student Paper Award, 2013
  • Latin American Studies Association Elsa Chaney Award for early career scholarship on women and gender in Latin America, 2013
  • Society for the Study of Social Problems Community Research and Development Division Graduate Student Paper Award, 2013

Andrews, Abigail L. and Nazanin Shahrokni. 2014. “Patriarchal Accommodations: Women’s Mobility and Policies of Gender Difference from Urban Iran to Migrant Mexico.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 43.2, Special Issue on Global Ethnography (April): 148-175.

Andrews, Abigail L. 2014. “Downward Accountability in Unequal Alliances: Explaining NGO Responses to Zapatista Demands.” World Development 54 (February): 99-113.

Andrews, Abigail L. 2013. “The Quiet Insubordination of Staying Home: Rethinking Women who ‘Stay Behind.’” In Globalización y Migración/Inmigración: Políticas Migratorias y Desarrollo Social, edited by Moreno Mena et al. Tijuana: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

  • ASA Development Section Best Graduate Student Paper Award, 2012

Andrews, Abigail L. 2011. “How Activists ‘Take Zapatismo Home’: South-to-North Power Dynamics in Transnational Social Movements.” Latin American Perspectives 38.1: 138-152.

Andrews, Abigail L. 2010. “Constructing Mutuality: The Zapatistas’ Transformation of Transnational Activist Power Dynamics.” Latin American Politics and Society 52.1: 89-120.